International Journal of Phytopathology

International Journal of Phytopathology publishes original research papers and critical reviews on all aspects of plant pathology. Brief comments and letters to the editor contributing to the previously published articles are also welcomed. Articles submitted for publication in International Journal of Phytopathology are peer reviewed by the editors who act on advice from referees. Top quality original research articles and critical reviews from around the world cover: diseases of temperate and tropical plants caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas and nematodes; physiological, biochemical, molecular, ecological, genetic and economic aspects of plant pathology; disease epidemiology and modeling; disease appraisal and crop loss assessment; and plant disease control and disease-related crop management.

International Journal of Phytopathology

Vol 7, No 1 (2018): Int. J. Phytopathol.

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Mohammad F. Rashed
Ocwa Akasairi, Bua Bosco, Oculi Jasper, Tusiime Geoffrey
Mostafa H. Mostafa, Maha H. Mohamed
Narges Atabaki, Vahid Rahjoo, Mohamed M. Hanafi, Rambod Abiri, Hamidreza Z. Zadeh, Majid Zamani, Mahbod Sahebi, Alireza Valdiani

Disease Notes

Sajjad Hyder, Muhammad Inam-ul-Haq, Raees Ahmed, Amjad S. Gondal, Nida Fatima, Abdul Hanan, Youfu F. Zhao