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This study reports, for the first time, the occurrence of immature stages of Mecistogaster modesta associated with Guzmania sp. (Bromeliaceae) in Colombia. The study was conducted in a tropical rainforest located on the Pacific Coast of the department of Choco in Colombia. Plants of Guzmania sp. were collected on April, 2012 to survey their associated fauna. The bromeliads containing Mecistogaster modesta larvae also had high abundance and diversity of immature stages of Coleoptera and Diptera. The discovery of M. modesta larvae in the Choco Biogeographic region expands the known distribution of this species, and suggests that there are regions where Mecistogaster modesta and other congeneric may yet be reported in Colombia. Hence, more efforts should be made to document the distribution of this genus in Colombia, especially the species associated with bromeliads.


Bromeliaceae; Chocó biogeographic region; Mecistogaster modesta; Odonata

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