Journal of Food Chemistry and Nutrition

Journal of Food chemistry and nutrition is an open access international academic journal providing a platform to food scientists, researchers, food professionals and academia faculty to share and expand the knowledge of scientific advancements in the myriad disciplines of food chemistry, nutrition and applied aspects. Original research articles, research notes reporting experimental and theoretical contributions, conferences, critical reviews, commentaries, term papers and short communications are accepted for publication.

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Vol 4, No 1 (2016): J. Food Chem. Nutr.

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Tadele Andargie, Gebrehana Ashine
Xueqi Li, Grant C. Bremer, Kristen N. Connell, Courtney Ngai, Quyen Anh T. Pham, Shengling Wang, Mary Flynn, Leandro Ravetti, Claudia Guillaume, Yichuan Wang, Selina C. Wang
Teklit G. Amabye, Frehiwot Mekonen